February 17, 2009

Mii, Not Fit

I posted here about our Wii Fit. Me, Amanda and Teresa, had been trying to use it daily. I had even started to notice some results. Then, our cat, Tripod got sick, and died. During that time, we didn't use the Wii Fit. And, like almost any other exercise regimen, once you stop doing it, it's hard to start again. 231 days later, I drag the Wii Fit out. I was wondering if it would insult me for being away for so long. Would I step on the scale, only to hear, "One at a time please!" The only thing it did was tell me that it remembered me and then called me "Teresa"! I don't know if that was a bug, or it's twisted sense of humor. I did the body mass test and it told me that I had gained 11 pounds since last July, and I was now considered "obese". Shit! I did a 45 minute workout. Which included some Yoga. However, I was only able to do some of the easier exercise routines. We had unlocked some more difficult and longer routines. I couldn't do those, since I had become exhausted doing just the simple ones. I'll be back at it today. I am really going to try to discipline myself to get on it every day. If I skip, I hope it will only be a day.

Posted by Valkyre at February 17, 2009 11:27 AM