December 24, 2003

Please Mr. Postman...

As I was going through the Christmas gifts, I had bought via catalog and internet, I noticed that I still hadn't received some of the most important ones yet. Namely, the gifts I had ordered for Mike. I know, I know, the 23rd is probably not the best day to finally take inventory of Christmas gifts, but I have been really busy this year. So, I was mentioning to the family that I am still waiting for about 3 parcels to arrive. And, I was wondering what the odds were that all three would arrive today, Christmas Eve, so I could have them under the tree by tomorrow morning. That's when my eldest piped up, "Have I received any packages lately?" Ummmm.... Nothing had come for her that I could remember. "Oh no! I ordered some gifts online. It didn't take this long last year!" And then Mike chimes in, "Uhhhh... Your gift, Wendy; I ordered it online. I haven't received any packages lately?" Nope, nothing for him either. So, we are sitting here wondering if the mailman will show up with 5 parcels today. I seriously doubt it. It's okay though. This has happened before. And, the kids even seem to like having Christmas stretched out a little bit. They open what they get on Christmas, and then wait for the late presents to come in afterwards. We won't even be having our "Christmas" dinner until Sunday, so I suggested that maybe we could open the late gifts on that day, if they get here before then.

Posted by Valkyre at December 24, 2003 06:28 AM