May 28, 2005

Auto Insurance Fun

So, I get home from work today and check the mail. There is a letter from our auto insurance company. I figure it's a "proof of insurance" certificate for one of the cars. Nope. It's a cancellation notice for the insurance on the New Beetle, we acquired at the end of March. As soon as we bought the car, I called the insurance agent and got it put on our policy. I assumed, wrongly, that it would be added to the policy with the other 2 cars. So, I really didn't check when I made the monthly insurance payments online. However, those payments were only going towards my 1972 Camaro and our 2003 New Beetle. This is what pisses me off, the letter says, This is a reminder that your policy was cancelled for non-payment on the cancellation date shown above as reflected by the prior cancellation notice mailed to you". Uh, one thing..... I never got a prior cancellation notice. This is the first time I have ever seen anything about this. I never got a first notice. I had assumed, wrongly, that my agent had put this car with the other two, and I could pay them all at once. We have been driving this car, uninsured, since May 18th. This is the car that the girls have been using, while they learn to drive! Crap! Now it will sit, until I get this straightened out.

Posted by Valkyre at May 28, 2005 09:51 PM