May 23, 2003

Cursed Cars

In my last entry, I posted about the horrid noises coming from my Escort. Well, yesterday, they were at their worst. It was constant. A loud squeal that came from the front passenger side wheel, everytime the car moved. You could even hear it with the windows rolled up and the stereo on. Using the brakes did not help. The sound just changed. It was rather embarassing as people kept staring at me when I drove by them. Anyway, as I was bringing the kids home from school on the freeway, it stopped. It just went away. Just like that. Which bothers me more than the sound itself. It's too quiet now. The car is still going to go in tomorrow and get it brakes looked it. They don't charge for that.

Now, the other cursed car. The Camaro. For reasons I won't get into right now, it hardly ever gets driven at night. Because of this, we never replaced the headlight that burned out over six months ago. So, today, I decided to replace it, since I have to take the car out tomorrow and won't get back until after nightfall. But, I couldn't remember which headlight had burned out. It has been that long. So, I pulled the switch to see which one needed replacing.... They both came on.... I know that it had been burned out, I took it out on Christmas Eve, and realizing that I only had one working light, I flicked on the brights, which I hated doing. (Especially when I pulled behind the CHP car and he adjusted his rearview mirror due to the brightness. Doh!) But no, now the light is working again. Maybe it's gremlins.

Posted by Valkyre at May 23, 2003 07:21 PM

Cars have a knack of breaking down when it's most inconvenient. Perhaps your cars know this, and are self-healing until you are at your wits end about something else. Then and only then will the problems resurface. ;)

Posted by: Sharondippity at May 27, 2003 10:39 PM