February 02, 2004

Janet Jackson's Boob and Mortgage Rates

Somehow, these two things are linked. I haven't figured it out yet.... What am I talking about? Well, as I was driving home last night, the DJ's, on my local radio station, mentioned an incident during the Super Bowl halftime show. It seems that Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were singing in some kind of duet. She was wearing some little bra thing. After the song was over, Justin reached over and ripped the little bra thing off of Janet, exposing one of her boobs for everyone at the Super Bowl game, and those who were watching the game on TV to see. Fortunately, she was wearing a pasty, so I guess everyone didn't see everything. At the time, no one knows if this was staged or what. Anyway, after I heard this, I thought to myself, "Here we go, my e-mail will now be clogged with spam links to see Janet's boob." I expected to see hundreds of e-mails about it the next day (today). At least, maybe this would stop the hundreds of spam e-mail links I have been receiving for the "Paris Hilton Sex Video!!!!" But no, I pull up in front of the house, go inside, get on the computer and see that my e-mail is clogged with about 20 spam e-mails announcing, "See Janet's boob!", "See Janet's tit!", "Did you see Janet's tit at the Super Bowl!?" This wasn't but about 20 minutes after the incident. I click on the first one to start deleting them. I will click on the first one, highlight it, and then hit the "shift" key and click on the last one. That will highlight all 20 and I can delete them at once. Anyway, as I click on the first one, I happened to notice that even though the subject promised me "Janet Jackson's Super Bowl tit!", the actual message was concerning falling mortgage interest rates. Curiousity getting the best of me, I clicked through and looked at the other 19 e-mails. They too, were the same thing, boasting about getting me low interest rates if I re-finance my mortgage through them. Obviously, it was a gimmick to get me to look at their stupid e-mail. But, I kept thinking, "Maybe there is a link between the two incidents!" And yes, I figured it out. The mortgage rates dropped just about as fast as Janet's boob did when good ol' Justin yanked her bra off.

Posted by Valkyre at February 2, 2004 07:39 PM