July 23, 2004

Maybe it is a Small World After All

Amanda has been attending summer school at the same high school I graduated from in 1981. She was absent today, and she wanted me to drop off some items for her second period class before I went to work. So, I bring the stuff to the Main Office to have it delivered to her class. Turns out that the woman there is the only one in the office during the summer. She doesn't have any student "gofers" to deliver things around the school. "Can I take it there myself?" I asked. "I graduated from her in 1981, I know my way around." I wasn't too sure if she would go for this. I do know that during the regular school year, they really clamp down and don't let anyone wander around the campus. But, I guess the rules are more relaxed during the summer. She let me take it there myself. So, I go straight to the classroom I needed to go to, to drop the items off. Unfortunately, the classroom is locked up tight. I peek through the tiny window. The lights are out. The place is empty. I considered leaving the stuff hanging on the doorknob, but I don't know when the teacher will be back, and I was afraid that someone else might come down the hall and steal it. So, I walk back to the Main Office, to give my "Visitors" pass back. As I was walking towards the door to the Main Office, I noticed that the woman there had now been joined by a guy. A guy who was staring at me hard. I was beginning to worry. Had the office lady violated some security protocol by letting me take the stuff there myself? Was this guy going to chew us out? I walked in, put the Visitor badge on the counter and turn to leave. The guy who had been staring at me started talking to me. "Didn't you used to go here?" I looked at him. He looked too young to have gone to school the same time I did. "Back in 1981...." I said. "What's your name?" He asked. I told him my maiden name and then his face lit up. "That's it! I remember now! It's me, Kenny White!" And then I remember him. I am terrible at names. I can remember people most of the time, but I forget their names. And, half the time, I am trying to figure out where I know them from. Work? Growing up? School? I have known Kenny since elementary school. We went through all 6 years there, 3 years at the same junior high and then three years in high school. He was there, at that particular time, to fix the copy machine. It turns out that he works for a company that contracts with the school district to repair all the copy machines. It was really wierd how circumstances worked out. The office lady kept going on and on about how it was really a small world after all. I have to admit, he looked great. Younger than his 41 years. He kept telling me that I looked exactly the same, that I hadn't changed either. We chit-chatted for a bit. Getting caught up since we last saw each other. (23 years ago!!!!) Unfortunately, I had to get to work, and he had to get to work repairing the school copy machine. We both agreed though, that the school has gone through quite a few changes since we last we there.

Posted by Valkyre at July 23, 2004 09:33 PM