April 21, 2005

You Make Due With What You've Got

I thought Teresa was getting out an hour early today. It was marked that way on a sheet that the school sent home at the very beginning of the year. As soon as I pulled up, though, I didn't see any other parents waiting for their kids. Obviously, there had been some sort of mistake. My options were, to go back to work and squeeze in another half hour, and then go back. Or, just wait there in the parking lot for an hour. I didn't have anything to read though. Hmmmm.... What to do. I was a little tired, so I thought I would take a nap. I opened both windows, and reclined the driver's seat all the way back. The headrest adjusts up, so it made a nice supporting pillow. Right where my head was, was on of the six stereo speakers that my car came with. So, I turned the stereo on low. It was actually quite comfortable. I could stretch out my six foot frame. I wasn't cramped at all. There was a nice breeze coming in through the windows to keep me cool. I actually dozed off for quite awhile. It was real nice.

Posted by Valkyre at April 21, 2005 06:37 PM