February 06, 2007

Another One of Those Stories I Love

Another hero dog:

Story here:

Dog Pulls Woman To Safety After Crash

THOMASVILLE, Ga. -- A dog who helped rescue a Georgia car wreck victim might have the right stuff for search and rescue work.

Next week, Thomasville, Ga., dog trainer Heidy Drawdy will take the two-year-old German shepherd, now named "Hero," to see if he's cut out for the job. Hero's previous owners had signed him over to the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society shelter because he kept wandering from his yard.

First item on Drawdy's agenda for the wandering canine: obedience training.

The fact that the dog would refused to stay in his yard probably saved Shannon Lorio's life Jan. 26 after her car crash. Lorio said she lost control of the car and it tumbled down an embankment in a heavily wooded area.

The wayward dog found her bruised and battered on the vehicle's trunk. She said her legs were still inside the car and her upper body was sticking out the rear window.

"I was bleeding from my face and my nose," Lorio told the AP. "All of a sudden, I felt a presence -- a really huge presence. He was straddling me. I have watched too many horror movies about werewolves and vampires. I thought he was going to eat me."

Instead, the dog licked her face and locked his jaws on her shirt collar, she said.

Lorio said the dog pulled her by the shirt collar about 50 yards through briars to a highway and let her lean against him so she could flag a passing motorist.

"That dog is always going to have a special place in my heart," Lorio told The Associated Press Friday during a tearful reunion with the dog. "He's my hero.

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