July 31, 2012

Android Love

I have been through several cellphones over the years. Started out with the Nokia "brick" which I loved. Unfortunately, it was too good and Nokia made it a victim of forced obsolescence. A few cell phones later and I ended up with a Samsung a777. Yes, a quaint phone. When people were spending their nights camped out in front of stores to get the latest iPhone, I bought a dinosaur. It could go out on the net. But the display was tiny and it really couldn't do much. But, I took pride in the face that I had a phone that no one really wanted to steal. But, after several years, and several dropping incidents, it was showing it's age. Towards the end, the broken battery cover would slip off and the battery would fall out. The battery was scratched from it's several falls. And, the battery wasn't lasting as long between charges. It was time to get a new phone. Reading the news lately, I found that the wireless companies are leaning towards dropping "Family" plans entirely and forcing people onto data plans, sometime in 2013-2014. I could see the writing on the wall. It was time to look at a smart phone. Looked through ATT's site and saw the Samsung Rugby Smart. Mike had an old Rugby model. It could be dropped and even immersed for a short time in water. The Rugby Smart was getting good reviews, so I bought one. I love it! It's packed with all kinds of features and can get out onto the net via 4G or wi-fi.

It came in handy today. We have needed a dutch oven for a couple of weeks now. When a recipe calls for a dutch oven, they mean dutch oven. I found out the hard way when I tried to make chicken and dumpling stew. So, I looked at dutch ovens on Amazon, and found a very nice, well reviewed cast iron one. I put it on my wish list. I wanted to look locally first. As I was waiting for my daughter, at the dentist office, I knew we were close to a cooking specialty store. I decided to look up their exact address via my phone. I Googled them and up came their web site. Ah! They had a search feature. I searched for the dutch oven, and found that they carried it. For about twice as much as Amazon. So, I went back to Amazon, and right there, in the lobby of the dentist office, I ordered it. It was a weird feeling. But, I could get used to this. Comparison shopping right at my fingertips. It's pretty amazing. (I'm sure if I looked around, there is probably an "app" for that.)

Posted by Valkyre at July 31, 2012 06:18 PM