December 09, 2012

26 Years of Marriage, 27 Christmas Trees

During the first seven years of our marriage, I could remember every Christmas Tree we had in the previous Christmases. The very first tree we bought in 1986, had one trunk, but it split into two trees. They still shaped it into a Christmas Tree shape, so you had to look really close to see it. I have pictures of it somewhere. We always buy Plantation Douglas Firs. We've bought them at Target, Home Depot, Lowes and a couple of times, from Christmas Tree lots. 1988 was the "dry" tree. Usually, we check to see if it's still moist, and not dropping needles. But, I didn't feel well. It was Dec. 3rd, and unknown to me at the time, I was in the early stages of labor. All I know, is that I didn't feel well and just wanted to get a damn tree and get home. If Mike had waved a 2 x 4 in front of me, I would have taken it home and put it in the tree stand. So, we grabbed one and brought it home without checking it. Turns out, while it was green, that was the only thing going for it. It was so dry that Mike got scratched when he put the lights on. It was so dry, that we didn't have to worry about branches bending under the weight of the heavier ornaments. We were so worried about that tree, we would turn off the lights when we left, afraid that it might go up in flames. It was so dry, that it did not suck up any of the water we poured into the stand. It will always be remembered as the "Dry Tree". One year, we had a tree that was six feet tall, and six feet wide. We ended up hanging every available ornament in the house. One year, there was a tree with a huge gap inside. Mike turned it towards the back, and then placed his Disney stuffed Chesire Cat inside. There was the monster tree that broke the plastic tree stand and had to secured with rope, to keep it from falling. One that stayed green, and was still sucking up water, till New Years Day, when we took it down. Who knows how long it would have gone on. On and on and on. I can't remember them all. Just a few trees here and there stick out in our memories. They have all been good trees. This is our 27th tree. Christmas 2012. It's a beautiful tree. We got it at Home Depot. Mike placed the lights, and our 27 year old Target Angel topper on top. We still need to add ornaments. In a couple of weeks, it too will become a memory of yet another Christmas.

Posted by Valkyre at December 9, 2012 11:05 PM

I remember that angel topper! Tall one this year :)

Posted by: Helena at December 10, 2012 08:03 PM