March 26, 2005

Something Else to Make Me Feel Old

Our youngest daughter, just got her Learner's permit. She only missed two questions on the test. She's in a driver's education course right now. I found one being offered through the AAA. I'm leaving the driver's training to the professionals.

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March 12, 2005

Weekend Shot to Hell

Well, I planned to go to work today. And then, tomorrow, my only day off, I was going to visit my parents. I woke up at around 6:00am drenched in sweat and the room was spinning. Decided to sleep in for another half an hour and see if this goes away. 6:30am, I felt a little better. I wasn't so dizzy and it seemed like the sweats had gone away. But, I had no appetite. I couldn't drink my tea. I felt slightly nauseated. I decided to sit around, and see if this went away as time passed. Nope. At around 8:00am, I had to visit the porcelain God. Felt a little better after that. So, I called in and took the day off. I told them that I would come in tomorrow. So, I am sick on my day off. I just watched TV all day mostly. I was a Governor Arnold movie called End of Days. It wasn't really too bad. I went and took a nap. Came out later and watched a DVD of Season 1 of The Simpsons. Watched about 3 half hour episodes with my daughters. And then, we watched an episode of Wonderfalls. This was a really good series that was never given a chance on the Fox network. They made 13 episodes, but only showed about 4, before they yanked it off the air. I'm feeling better now. I have been able to eat. I'm kind of grazing right now. Just eating here and there. Guess it was a 24 hour bug.

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March 06, 2005

Hardly Worth It

I decided this year, that I wanted to file our Federal taxes online. Went to the IRS site, to link to the sites that will help you prepare your taxes for free. I had two choices, I could search for some myself, or give them some information (Filing status, total income, etc.) and they would match some up with me. I got a list of about 5. Tried the first one. The site was extremely slow. I had to enter the information on the W-2 manually. After about an hour an a half, I was no further than line 9a on the regular form. I would have been finished by now, if I had done the damn thing by hand. I was trying to enter the amount of interest the girls had recieved on their treasury bonds. Suddenly, it tells me that their SS#'s don't match the SS#'s of the primary taxpayer. Duh! That's because their his daughters. I said "fuck-it!". I have a headache from reading the small print. I would have been done by now, if I had written it out. I closed out the window. I am going to do it the old fashion way. I will fill it out by hand, and send it snail mail.

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