December 30, 2010

Come on Nintendo!

Admit that your recent update for the Wii was an epic fail! Apologize and send out a patch. Don't blame the console owners. That's bad form and you will lose customers. On Christmas, my daughters wanted to play the new game discs they received for Christmas. When they put Kirby's Epic Yarn into the Wii console, it prompted them for an update. They installed the update, which turned out to be a big mistake. But hey, we trusted Nintendo. Now, the Wii will no longer read any of the game discs. Not the new ones. And not the old games which worked perfectly before the update. I found a Nintendo forum where a lot of people are complaining about the exact same thing. They all went to play games on Christmas, were prompted for the update, and now their Wii consoles will no longer read discs. Calls and emails to Nintendo seem to get a variety of responses. Some people have been prompted to send in their consoles for repair, on their dime! Others have been told that if they aborted during the update, it would hose the software. Come on Nintendo! Are you saying that a bunch of people simultaneously aborted their software updates on Christmas? Do you really think we're that stupid!? Admit that your update was screwed up and caused this. Please acknowledge that you blew up. Even if it's going to take several weeks to provide a patch, admit that you made a mistake. Don't blame the consumer. Or, you will lost customers. Including me.

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