August 06, 2014

Lost in Brentwood

So Mike needs me to pick him up in Marina Del Rey. He dropped off his Vespa at Route 66 Modern Classics on Lincoln Blvd. I look up the address and print out a Google map. 12 miles. No biggy. Except I didn't quite follow the directions. When I got to the end of the westbound 90 freeway, I was supposed to continue on it, until I got to Lincoln Blvd. and then turn right. I should have looked at the distance on the map. Instead, I turned right at the first signal, which was Mindanao Way.

Which is how I ended up in Brentwood. After trying to work my way back to the coast, I realized I was hopelessly lost. I was on Bundy Dr., in the vicinity of where the Nichol Brown Simpson's house used to be. My 2003 New Beetle was now mingling with high society. We were now rubbing elbows with Bentleys, Rolls, high end Mercedes and BMWs. I wanted out!!!!

It didn't help that the alarm went off, on my dash, which meant I had only 1.9 gallons of fuel left. Which means I have at least 40 more miles until I'm on fumes. But when I burnt up 12 miles trying to find a familiar street, I pulled into a gas station. And then I looked at my cell.

I bought it way back in 2012. It's a dinosaur as far as cell phones go. A Samsung Smart Rugby. A phone I love enough, that I replaced them batteries after two years, instead of upgrading to a newer phone. It came pre-installed with two navigation apps. Google and ATT navigator. I had never used them before.

Pull out of the station onto Bundy Dr. I decided to use the Google Navigator. I enabled the GPS and punched in the address I was looking for. A soothing female voice tells me to swing a u-turn and make a right onto the cross street behind me. I didn't feel it was safe to make a u-turn there, and drove until I felt it was safe. When it realized I wasn't following directions, it adapted and started to navigate from the direction I had taken. Missed a freeway onramp and it guided around, until I was back onto the freeway. "Go six miles...." Six miles of heavy freeway traffic, I forgot it was on.

When I got near the 90 freeway, she started talking again and it scared the crap out of me.

I thought of those scary movies, where one looks in their rearview mirror and sees that a stranger has suddenly appeared in the back seat!

"Who the hell is talking!" Ugh. She got me to my destination. I was only 2 hours late. But, I am really impressed with how it worked. Makes me want to get a Tom Tom, for those times when my cell phone battery might be dead and I might need directions.

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