June 04, 2005

Yah Need to Git Yerself a Real Horn!

'Scuse the misspellings, I feel like white trash today. Hee hee! I went to work in my '72 Camaro this morning. I roll up to a red light. I am third car back from the limit line. The light turns to green. The lane, next to me, starts moving. The guy, two cars in front of me, doesn't. The driver behind him waits a few seconds, then toots his little Toyota horn. "Meeeeeeeeep!" It sounded so wussy and pathetic. The car in front of him doesn't move. I am looking at him to see if he's having car trouble. But, he's just sitting there, looking straight ahead. Oblivious to the lane of traffic moving next to him, and the green light. I wait about 2 more seconds and then slam my hand down on the horn button. "HONK! The horn on my Chevy is loud. Old American cars have decent horns. Mine, is even more decent, because they came off of a 1976 Ford LTD. Needless to say, even though there was a car between us, the guy heard me and finally moved.

Posted by Valkyre at June 4, 2005 09:50 PM