June 02, 2005

I Owe My Insurance Company an Apology

I posted a rant about my insurance company a couple of days ago, and now I have to eat crow. Or, maybe half a crow. I thought of deleting the comment entirely, and then I could pretend I never posted it, but I decided to confess. I was cleaning up around the living room last night, when I noticed a stack of papers had fallen between the end table and the couch. I pulled them out and noticed it was a pile of circulars and junk mail. And, in all that mess was a letter from our insurance company. I open it and find it was the cancellation notice. *sigh* They had sent one. I missed it. I'm still not sure how that pile got down there. But, that still doesn't explain the fact that I never got an original notice. They wanted me to pay for 6 months in advance for coverage on the 2004 New Beetle. The payment I just remitted covered only the time we were actually covered. That was from the time we drove the Beetle off the lot until the date of cancellation, May 18th. So, even when that check goes through, the car will still not be covered. I pay the premium on the other two cars monthly, for 6 months. I'm trying to remember if they wanted 6 months in advance when I bought my 2003 New Beetle back in November 2003. For the life of me, I really can't remember. I guess I'll have to look in my checkbook resgistries. Anyway, I just sent in a check for the full amount, to see if they will accept it and get the car covered again. Right now, it's sitting in front of the house collecting dirt until I'm sure that it's insured. The girls hate this, because they can't practice driving. Anyway, I apologize insurance company!

Posted by Valkyre at June 2, 2005 07:13 PM