July 27, 2005

If You Are Planning a Birthday Party

Or, any party, where you plan to book entertainment.... Book in advance!!! Simple enough, huh!? The place, where I work, books entertainment for parties. Most of the parties, that they are doing now, were booked back in March. Some, were booked last year. You would not believe the people who call, on a Thursday, thinking that they will be able to book for the upcoming Saturday. We actually had one woman, who called on a Thursday. She wanted us to come out on the following Saturday. We were booked full. Had been booked full for the past 3-4 months. "But I already sent out the invitations!!" WTF!? Who the hell sends out invitations before they books the entertainment. And, to top things off, she was angry with us! She kept saying, over and over again, "But I sent out the invitations!" Tough shit lady. Maybe you will learn you lesson for next year. We get others who have "promised" their kids that we were going to get out there. Tough! What are these people thinking? If this were a wedding, would you send out invitations, before you booked a chapel, or a place for the reception? I don't think so. This is along the same lines. Line up your entertainment, before you promise your kids anything. Or send out invitations. We have even had people beg us to cancel one of the parties that were booked well in advance and let them have the slot. They have offered extra cash to do this. They are denied, of course. Usually with this admonishment. "How would you like it if someone did the same to you?" I can't understand how some people think, sometimes.

Posted by Valkyre at July 27, 2005 08:58 PM

Hah, people are still doing that? I don't understand how those people think. Especially in the summertime! Gee, with no kids in school and everybody at home, who'd think that there would be more parties? Der.

Posted by: Helena at July 28, 2005 10:07 AM