August 07, 2005


About 8 years ago, our oldest daughter, Helena, acquired an "ecosystem" in a tank. A good friend of hers, was moving away. She gave Helena the "ecosystem" before she moved. She had it going in a five gallon bucket. Basically, you put rocks, in the bottom, fill it with water, drop in an old branch and put in a fish. It's totally self supporting. You never have to feed the fish, or clean it. When Helena got it, we put everything into a ten gallon fish tank and placed it in the rose garden. Occasionally, when we noticed that it was down to one fish, we would go to the local fish store and buy about 15 small goldfish and drop them in. Over the years, some of them would actually breed. I don't know the last time we bought any goldfish and dropped them in there. However, I had been neglecting the rose garden these past few months. The roses were tall and scraggly, and the whole garden was weed choked. I went through, pruned roses, and pulled weeds. Finally, I uncovered the tank. Only to see that it had about 3 inches of water in it. The water itself was dark green and looked about the consistency of syrup. Nothing could live in that, I thought. However, I saw a flash of orange. Whoa! I grabbed the hose to fill it, and let the water overflow, to clean it out a bit. When the water was almost clear, I could see that there was one fish left, and he was huge! I named him Fishzilla.

Posted by Valkyre at August 7, 2005 09:33 PM