July 27, 2005

If You Are Planning a Birthday Party

Or, any party, where you plan to book entertainment.... Book in advance!!! Simple enough, huh!? The place, where I work, books entertainment for parties. Most of the parties, that they are doing now, were booked back in March. Some, were booked last year. You would not believe the people who call, on a Thursday, thinking that they will be able to book for the upcoming Saturday. We actually had one woman, who called on a Thursday. She wanted us to come out on the following Saturday. We were booked full. Had been booked full for the past 3-4 months. "But I already sent out the invitations!!" WTF!? Who the hell sends out invitations before they books the entertainment. And, to top things off, she was angry with us! She kept saying, over and over again, "But I sent out the invitations!" Tough shit lady. Maybe you will learn you lesson for next year. We get others who have "promised" their kids that we were going to get out there. Tough! What are these people thinking? If this were a wedding, would you send out invitations, before you booked a chapel, or a place for the reception? I don't think so. This is along the same lines. Line up your entertainment, before you promise your kids anything. Or send out invitations. We have even had people beg us to cancel one of the parties that were booked well in advance and let them have the slot. They have offered extra cash to do this. They are denied, of course. Usually with this admonishment. "How would you like it if someone did the same to you?" I can't understand how some people think, sometimes.

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July 25, 2005

Our Dog is Trying to Kill Us

Picked Teresa up at summer school today. Get to the house around 1:00pm. As soon as we walk into the door, it hits us. The smell of natural gas. I panic a little bit, thinking that there must be a leaking pipe or something. However, we walk around and find one of the stove knobs is turned on about a quarter of the way. This is one of the burners that don't ignite anymore. If we use it,we have to turn on the gas, and light it with a match. So, it's on, and flooding the house with gas. Fortunately, because it's been hot these past few days, we had a kitchen window open, with an exhaust fan going. Otherwise, it would have been much, much worse. Evidence on the stove showed that our dog, Pepper, had been trying to reach a pan that had some crumbs on it. In doing so, she had put her paw on the burner control and turned it. If she wasn't going after that pan, and turned it on by accident..... Then, she did it intentionally. She may be trying to kill us!

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July 21, 2005

A Little Too Close

The following happened just down the street from where I work. The sheriff's copter was right overhead. At the end of the private road, that the business was located on, was several police officers directing traffic onto another street. Fortunately, this guy turned down the street he did. It he had turned down our street..... Well, it comes to an end, at the gates of a business:


Torrance police kill fugitive in shootout following chase

Robert Craig, who wore a tattoo saying "blue-eyed devil" on his neck, led officers on a chase after robbery and carjacking incidents.

By Larry Altman, Melissa Milios and Josh Grossberg
Daily Breeze

A parolee's robbery and carjacking spree across Southern California came to a screeching and deadly end Wednesday when Torrance police shot him to death in a storage yard.

Robert Noble Craig, 36, of Harbor City dropped to the ground at Schimmick Auto Dismantlers at 228th Street and Normandie Avenue near Harbor Gateway. Witnesses heard four to six gun blasts.

Craig, with a tattoo saying "blue-eyed devil" on his neck, was pronounced dead at County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

"What a way to end your life," said William Villarino, who saw Craig crash and run from his stolen Ford Freestyle, taken in a carjacking earlier in the day.

Orange County sheriff's deputies had issued a wanted flier Monday identifying Craig as a suspect in a series of armed holdups, including a Walgreens in Laguna Hills and Hunny's Restaurant in Mission Viejo on Saturday, said Orange County Sheriff's Department spokesman Jim Amormino.

"We were able to capture very clear surveillance tape from the Walgreens robbery," Amormino said. "We released it Monday, and Torrance and LAPD contacted us and said they recognized the suspect in our robbery as the same individual that was wanted for robberies in Lomita, Harbor City and Torrance."

Around 10 a.m. Wednesday, an Orange County sheriff's deputy patrolling a Best Western parking lot in San Juan Capistrano saw a "suspicious" man loading items into a car, Amormino said.

"The deputy went to question him, and when he got out of the car the deputy noticed the tattoo on the left side of his neck, the same as the suspect," Amormino said. "He started fighting with the deputy, who was knocked to the ground, and the suspect was able to break away."

The man, believed to be Craig, ran and told the deputy he had a gun. He jumped over a wall and tried to take a man's car at knifepoint, but the elderly man fought him off.

Craig then ran to a 2005 Ford Freestyle.

"A man and his small child were in that vehicle," Amormino said. "The suspect pulls a knife out, puts it to the man's throat. The (victim) grabs the child and gets out of the car."

Craig drove away and a few minutes later entered a Pets Plus in Mission Viejo.

Employee Leigh Ann Fletcher said he pretended to have a gun under his shirt, nudged the owner in the shoulder and demanded money.

"It was quick," she said. "Nobody got hurt. They gave him what he wanted and he left."

Fletcher estimated that the robber got away with $100 to $200 because the store had been open only a few minutes.

About five hours later, Craig was seen near Torrance, where undercover officers were waiting.

Torrance police Lt. Rod Irvine said the officers tried to stop Craig, but he raced away, triggering a brief high-speed chase that would come to an end because of some loose dirt in the roadway.

Radio engineer Bob Burchett said the Ford Freestyle came flying along Mariposa Avenue.

"We figure he was doing 100 mph. He was hauling," said Burchett, overseeing a renovation project that included digging trenches for new sewer lines. The Ford's right tire hit a patch of dirt in the street.

"He just went sideways. He lost control," he said. "He fishtailed up to the corner."

Unable to make a left turn at 228th Street, Craig crashed into a fence and 40-foot container at the edge of the dismantling yard, owner Bob Schimmick said. The container buckled.

"He ran head-on into that thing," said Villarino, who watched the end of the chase with his stepfather, Valentino Porcaro.

Porcaro said the Ford Freestyle bounced off the fence. Craig jumped out, unscathed and ran into the dismantling yard.

A Nissan Altima and about four other unmarked police cars swarmed in. Seconds later, the men heard three shots, then another three shots.

"We have 3 acres here," Schimmick said. "He ran from the south end of the property to one of the many storage units. I was getting ready to go to lunch. I saw guys running with guns and then heard 'pop, pop, pop.' "

Torrance police did not release details of the shooting. It was unclear Wednesday afternoon whether Craig was armed, what provoked the shooting and how many officers fired their weapons. Officers spent the evening searching the property.

Police in Orange County found cash and two loaded handguns in a search of Craig's Best Western motel room.

In all, Craig was wanted for 17 armed robberies in Southern California, including four in Torrance.

Craig was a third-strike candidate with a criminal history dating back about 15 years, state Department of Corrections records showed.

He was arrested for robbery in 1991 in Torrance and was sentenced in 1992 to seven years in state prison.

Police at the time said Craig snatched a purse from a woman while Troy James Roderick, 26, of Torrance and Christina Marie Pollard, 22, of Harbor City waited in a truck.

Craig was released on parole in 1995, but was returned to prison for about a month on a parole violation less than a year later.

In 1997, he returned to prison for another robbery conviction, but served only three months of a three-year sentence before being released.

Craig was convicted again in October 2002 for resisting an officer and possession of methamphetamine.

He was last paroled in February 2004, but was wanted by authorities because he failed to report to his parole officer.

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July 14, 2005

She's Such a Lady

I've been so busy, that I never got around to posting this sooner. This is a new addition to our family. Her name is Violet. I got her from where I work. She is a purebred Jack Russell Terrier. But, she's actually quite small for the breed. I was around her from the moment she was born. So, I saw her grow up. I called her Shy Violet, because she seemed more withdrawn then her larger brothers and sisters. But, I think it was because she was a runt. She was just a slow developer. She is not shy. She is not really scared of anything. Her best friend is a Great Dane. She will not get any bigger than this. She is eight months old. I need to take pictures of her mother and father and post them here.

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Jack in the Box Ciabatta Burger

So, Jack in the Box came out with a new burger. And, to promote it, they put inserts in the local papers with a coupon to get one free. Mike tried one and liked it. We ended up with two of those coupons. Mike hit the local Jack in the Box, got me one of the Bacon and Cheese Ciabatta burgers and brought it by my work for lunch. I look inside the bag, disappointed at first. There were no fries! And, it looked like there were 4 burgers in there. Nope, only two. Two huge burgers. These things are gigantic. And delicious. I was glad he didn't bring any fries, I wouldn't have had room for them. These are quite filling on their own. I had another one today for lunch. Delicious! I need to try the regular Ciabatta burger to see if it's as filling as the bacon one.

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July 11, 2005

Not Too Bad

I've been with Netflix since January of 2002. I'm not sure how many movies I have seen so far. I average at least one a week. Sometimes, I go through binges and watch several a week. I've rated over 400 movies, so I figure it's around that amount. So, what's my point? Tonight, is only the second time I have had to return a movie, because it's unplayable. I don't think that's too bad at all. I've already been to the site and reported it. I've packaged up the unwatchable disc and will send it out tomorrow. It was the movie, Eight Legged Freaks. It was actually not too bad of a movie. But, I couldn't get it to play properly from about halfway through chapter 12. I tried cleaning the disc, as they recommended. But, that didn't work. I tried to jump ahead to the next chapter, but I couldn't get it to play properly until I got to chapter 14. I would have missed too much of the movie that way. So, back it goes.

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